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  • Making Donations

    To continue and expand our services, we need your help! If you support our work, please consider making donations. You can make a donation by sending a check or money order to Survivor Project, PO Box 40664, Portland, OR 97240. We are a small organization with a tiny budget, so every penny counts!

    Support Our Services

    Survivor Project also raises money by providing worksops, consultation, and materials. Please read "Programs & Services" section for more information about our services.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Survivor Project is a young organization with a small budget, and is maintained through the work of many wonderful volunteers. We believe in modifying tasks to fit into needs and interests of our volunteers, rather than the other way around. We believe in creating a survivor-positive working environment in which unique needs and concerns of volunteers who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence (as well as needs arising from disabilities) are accommodated. Read the (non-definitive) list of potential volunteer tasks below and contact us if you are interested in helping us.

    If you live in Portland area...

  • Typing and proofreading. Also involves transcribing taped interviews.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Organize events. Set-up and take-down helpers and tabling crews are also needed.
  • Making Photocopies of our materials and documents.
  • Filing and Database Work.
  • Answering telephone and e-mails.
  • Bulk Mailing - a classical non-profit art.
  • Edit Newsletter. Do you have DTP skills?
  • Graphic Design and Art.
  • Press Releases. Writing, proofreading and sending them, as well as maintaining the list of press release destinations.
  • Translation. Especially Spanish, but we also want other languages too. You can also volunteer to *find* translators (non-English languages as well as ASL).
  • Fundraising and Grants. Help fund our project so that we can continue advocating for intersex and trans survivors.
  • Housekeeping if you are into it.
  • Driving and Shuttling. Picking up donations as well as shuttling our workers who do not have cars and/or have disabilities that make it difficult or painful to travel by themselves.
  • Research. Work on our surveys.
  • Give Workshops. We'll train you. You can also design new workshops with us.
  • Join the Board. The minimum time commitment is 6 hours per month.
  • If you live outside of Portland area...

  • Distribute brochures. You can download them at our Activist Central.
  • In-reach. If you are intersex or trans, educate yourself about domestic violence and speak back to your communities; if you are a worker in the domestic violence field, educate yourself on intersex and trans survivors' issues and speak to your co-workers about it.
  • Raise awareness about us in the area you live in. Call domestic violence agencies to see if they are interested in learning about isssues facing intersex and trans survivors.
  • Translation. Especially Spanish, but we also want other languages too.
  • Graphic Design and Art.
  • Invite us to your region to do workshops and presentations.
  • Help our Fundraising Effort by connecting us to foundations and individuals who might be interested in funding our project. Host fundraising events for us.
  • Materials Review. Read our materials and let us know what you think from your standpoint or expertise.
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