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    To continue and expand our services, we need your help! If you support our work, please consider making donations. You can make a donation either online (send to via PayPal) or make a check or money order to Survivor Project, PO Box 40664, Portland, OR 97240. We are a small organization with a tiny budget, so every penny counts!

    Survivor Project Buttons

    From this page, you can order buttons from Survivor Project and/or make donations online! To order, enter the number of buttons you want and the amount of money you wish to donate, and press "checkout" button. You will then be taken to another page that verifies your order/donation, from which you can pay for your order online via PayPal or print out the order and mail in a check.

      Description PriceQty.
    Survivor Project logo 1" button with Survivor Project logo $1.00
    End IGM 1" button "End Intersex Genital Mutilation - Take Back the Clit" $1.00
    Just Ask (nicely) 1" button "Just Ask (nicely)" $1.00
    Correct Restroom 1" button "Yes, I'm in the correct restroom" $1.00
    Correct Restroom 1" button "Yes, I'm in the wrong restroom" (added due to popular request!) $1.00
    GenderQueer 1" button "Genderqueer" $1.00
    gndrfckr Black 1" button "g*nd*rf*ck*r" (Black) $1.00
    gndrfckr Black 1" button "g*nd*rf*ck*r" (White) $1.00
    Choice 1" button "It's not a choice, we were mutilated that way" $1.00
    Good Babies 1" button "Intersex babies are Good babies" $1.00
      Description Amount
    SP Logo Please support the non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of intersex and trans survivors of domestic and sexual violence! $
    [requires JavaScript] $
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