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    Welcome to Survivor Project Activist Central! Below is a list of resources for intersex, trans or anti-violence activists to use in order to advocate for intersex and trans survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

    Distribute Survivor Project Brochures

    Survivor Project designs many brochures on issues that are important to us, and with your help we can deliver our messages further. Please feel free to print out and give them to your friend, co-worker, local domestic violence shelter, etc. These brochures are to be printed back-to-back, and then cut in half to produce two brochures per a sheet of paper. Please let us know where and how you are distributing the materials, as well as your feedbacks to them.

    All downloadable files are in Adobe PDF, and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher to open them.

    Guide to Intersex & Trans Terminologies

    Download: terms.pdf
    Printer-ready version of the document also found here. Audience: everyone.

    Why Serve Intersex & Trans Survivors of Abuse?

    Download: whyserve2001.pdf
    An abbreviated version of Diana Courvant's article, Why Serve Trans or Intersex Survivors? Audience: advocates for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

    Basic Information for Intersex & Trans Survivors of Abuse

    Download: dvbasic2001.pdf
    Basic information about domestic violence and a checklist to help determine if your parter has power and control over you. Some of these information is also available here. Audience: Intersex or trans people.

    Safety Planning for Inersex & Trans Survivors of Abuse

    Download: safetyplan2001.pdf
    Basic safety planning strategies for intersex and trans survivors of domestic violence. Audience: Intersex and trans people (especially survivors).

    Intersex & Trans People Organizing Aginst Domestic Violence

    Download: againstdv2001.pdf
    A call for intersex and trans movements against domestic violence. It explains why intersex and trans people should fight against domestic violence. Audience: Intersex and trans people.

    Introduction to Intersexuality & Intersex Activism

    Download: is-intro2001.pdf
    A starting point for feminist, queer and trans activists who want to become allies to intersex people. You can also read here. Audience: intersex allies.

    Get Connected

    What is Happening in Your Area?

    Are there intersex and trans activists in your area fighting against domestic and sexual violence? We'd love to hear from them, or at least about them! Please let us know what's happening in your area. Also, please sign up to receive announcements from Survivor Project!

    NCADV Intersex, Trans & Allies Caucus

    At the 9th national conference of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in July 2000, a group of us started Intersex, Trans and Allies Caucus of the National Coalition. If you want to join our electronic mailing list, please contact us and tell us what you do. You do not have to be a member of NCADV to participate in the list.

    Help Survivor Project

    There are many ways you can help Survivor Project. Click here for the list of suggestions, or here to purchase buttons you can wear with pride or to make a donation.


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